Land Use Permits

Unauthorized use of APC land is prohibited, and trespassing is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Unauthorized guiding, camping, hunting, fishing or tree cutting is strictly prohibited.

APC’s land holdings are some of the worlds’ most prolific and purest watersheds, and are vastly spread throughout Lake Iliamna and on the Alaska Peninsula. Famous for trophy sport fishing and hunting of all forms, our lands are a cultural treasure, as the ancestors of our shareholders have existed and subsisted on the bounty of these lands for thousands of years.

All APC lands are private property, and open to access and use through the purchase of a License to Enter.  All licenses intended for commercial use, including licenses for exclusive land use are subject to fees and restrictions. All fees and restrictions vary by period and type of activity.

All recreational, subsistence and general users of APC lands are also required to apply for a License to Enter as well. As with commercial and exclusive use licenses, recreational and general use licenses are fee based, and based on the number of days and intended purpose of visit.


Please contact APC’s Lands & Resources management at (907)274-2433 if you’d like information about how to apply for a License to Enter on APC lands near the villages of Kokhanok, Newhalen, South Naknek, Port Heiden or Ugashik.