Pebble / APC Transportation Corridor

In January of 2018, the Pebble Limited Partnership formally proposed to Alaska Peninsula Corporation a semi-exclusive right-of-way agreement and multi-year License to Enter through APC lands near Newhalen and Kokhanok on Lake Iliamna.

About the proposed corridor

The purpose of this right-of-way is to construct a road system to transport material from the proposed Pebble mine location to ferry terminals located on the north and south shore of Iliamna Lake, then to a deep-water port located on state-owned lands near Amakdedori Beach on the northern Alaska Peninsula.

The road is estimated to be about 24.5 total miles long, or about 1,205 total acres. The License to Enter for each side of the lake would likely require a multi-year commitment through the duration of the proposed mine’s life-span. The permitting of such a road would require significant environmental and structural caution by both regulatory agencies and the Alaska Peninsula Corporation.

There are many considerations APC must take into review. The environmental impact to APC’s wild and scenic lands is unknown and the promise of benefit to APC shareholders has yet to be defined.

Read further about the proposed corridor in the brochure below.

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