Port Heiden

Port Heiden is the doorstep to some of the Alaska Peninsula’s most stunning scenery and geographic ranges which include the Aniakchak Crater and volcano.  Port Heiden provides strategic access to some of the most unspoiled sport fish and trophy hunting Alaska has to offer.  Also known by the Sugpiaq traditional name place “Meshik”, Port Heiden is located 424 miles southwest of Anchorage at the mouth of the Meshik River on the north side of Alaska Peninsula.

In 1942, the United States Army constructed Fort Morrow Army Airfield in the wake of the Japanese invasion of the Aleutian Islands.  A garrison of approximately 1,400 troops populated the station during the wartime effort.  In 1969, advancements in technology led to the military suspension of the airfield for strategic purposes, at which time the field transitioned primarily to civilian use.

APC owns a total of 63,387 acres around Port Heiden.  The village is composed of a total of 51.4 square miles- of that, 50.7 square miles is land and 0.7 square miles is in-land water.   According to the Census of 2000 119 people lived in Port Heiden. There were 41 households and 23 families with a population density of 2.3 people per square mile. Of those 119 people 65.55% were Alaska Native/Native American, 19.33% were white, 2.52% were other, 12.61% were of 2 or more races and 2.52 % were Hispanic or Latino of any race.

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