APC-Newhalen lands are rich with scenic beauty and an abundance of fish and wildlife.  The Newhalen River is a world-famous destination for many sports users, recreationalists and wild life viewers.

Newhalen is located on the north shore of Iliamna Lake in Southwest Alaska at the mouth of the Newhalen River. Newhalen is made up of 8.3 square miles, 6.1 square miles of land and 2.3 square miles of water. APC owns 64,062 acres around Newhalen.

According to the census of 2000 160 people lived in Newhalen, 39 households and 37 families. Population density was 26.4 people per square mile. Of those 160 people 8.75% were white, 85.00% were Alaska Native/Native American, 6.25% were of two or more races.

Newhalen was originally a Yupik village called Noghelin, after the Newhalen River.  The community is a cultural mixture of Dena’Ina, Yupik and Aleut (Sugpiaq).

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