Our Land

The Alaska Peninsula Corporation is one of the largest land owners in the Bristol Bay region.  Collectively, our land holdings total more than 400,000 acres of some of the world’s most remote and undeveloped country.  Rich in many natural resources that include the worlds largest salmon runs, our land holds a bounty of seasonal and year round trophy sport fish and game such as rainbow trout and the famed Alaska Brown Bear.

APC Native Lands offer many alternatives and options for visitors willing to make the extra step to journey to the Alaska Peninsula and Iliamna Lake.  Sight seeing, unguided river floats, camping and fly-in fishing or hunting with any of our exclusive use partners is treasure for the adventurist seeking to experience the real Alaska.

The Alaska Peninsula Corporation is a “merged”  corporation of 5 individual Alaska Native Village Corporations formed under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971.  If you have questions about boundaries, easements, sub-divisions or other municipal set-aside, please refer to any of the maps listed below.

Newhalen »
South Naknek »
Port Heiden »
Ugashik »
Kokhanok »


Please call APC Lands & Resources management at (907)274-2433 if you have questions about land access, gravel sales, APC Shareholder 5 Acre Lease Program, or 14c set-aside.