APC Shareholder 5 Acre Lease Program

Alaska Peninsula Corporation’s 5 Acre Lease Program is a unique land lease program available to original shareholders of the 5 individual village corporations prior to the merger of Alaska Peninsula Corporation.

The lease program provides access to parcels of land located within APC’s land-base and provides shareholders a resource to help establish homeownership in villages where they originate from.

Eligible shareholders interested in applying for the 5 Acre Lease Program must first qualify their land selection by researching and ensuring their preferred lease site is located on eligible APC land, does not conflict with restricted APC lands & 14c3 or municipal land, and complies with general staking & metes and bounds instructions which can found here.  5 Acre Leaseholder Applications may be found here.

If you believe you’re an eligible shareholder and would like to know more about APC’s 5 Acre Lease Program, please contact APC’s Lands & Resources management at (907)274-2433.