A Message from President/Chairman of the Board, Trefon Angasan

Dear Fellow Shareholder,

About three weeks ago, the Executive Committee chose to terminate the employment of President/CEO Gerrie L’heureux. As most are aware, Gerrie was hired 10 months ago. Her charge was to pursue contracts to increase revenue. Gerrie was based out of Maryland because she represented that to effectively obtain government contracts for our subsidiaries, a presence was necessary near Washington DC where funding decisions are made. That effort was not successful. Costs associated with maintaining a presence away from APC headquarters created a myriad of problems. The Executive Committee determined that it was not no longer cost effective to continue that effort, and acted.

In the interim, the Executive Committee has named Talarik Research & Restoration Services LLC Operations Manager Dave McAlister as acting CEO of APC. Dave is charged with the continuation of retooling the company to be more efficient and transparent. At TRR, Dave was responsible for developing the Kokhanok Man Camp project as well as other opportunities relating to the Pebble Project. He has backgrounds in marine transportation, the Alaska oil industry, and has worked with other Alaska Native Corporations. Dave has assembled a management team proven to be highly effective at managing resources with efficiency.

The Executive Committee and I would like all shareholders to know that we are highly focused on shareholder interests. Increasing our revenue streams through development of our subsidiaries, as well as streamlining cost associated with doing business improves our ability to increase shareholder opportunities when possible.


Trefon Angasan

President/Chairman of the Board